12.8V 7Ah LiFePO4 Rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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LiFePO4 Battery Replaces SLA Sealed Lead Acid 12V 7Ah

NOTE: Lithium Iron Phosphate is non-refundable! For more information please see our Return Policy

This is a drop in replacement for lead-acid battery. It require no change to lead acid battery charging system. It can be placed in scooters, wheelchairs, anything that uses a sealed lead acid battery. LIFEPO4 battery contains no poisonous lead, no acid, and do not create gasses during charge, which regular Lead-Acid batteries do. Compared to lead-acid, LIFEPO4 batteries are super light, have much lower self-discharge, do not sulfate, and are environmentally friendly. Which made it the perfect replacement solution for lead acid batteries.

Features and Benefits:
  • Longer battery life. Twice to four times the service life of lead-acid batteries
  • High safety features. No explosive gasses.
  • Super Light weight. Only half the weight of same 12V 7Ah lead-acid batteries
  • High power, up to 30A discharge current.
  • High-temperature working capability.
  • Steady discharge and charge performance.
  • Low self discharge with no memory effect.
  • Green products - environmentally friendly, no lead and no acid.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Over charge and over discharge protection.
  • 12V 7Ah battery pack.
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 7Ah
  • Weight: 41oz
  • Dimension: 160x60x93mm
  • Maximum Discharge Current: 30A
  • Risk of fire, explosion, or burning.
  • Do not short circuit the (+) and (-) terminals with any metals.
  • Do not immerse, wet, or throw battery in water.
  • Do not keep battery in heated temperature above 60˚C or throw battery into fire.
  • Do not disassemble, crush, or modify the battery.
  • Stop using the battery if abnormal heat, odor, deformation or abnormal condition is detected.

Additional Information

Condition New
SKU 31382
UPC 844949006453
Voltage 12.8V
Amperage/Capacity 7Ah
Chemistry LiFePO4
Approximate Length 160mm
Approximate Width 60mm
Approximate Height 93mm
Product Weight (lbs) 2.2

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